SOMETIMES IT TAKES AN ELEPHANT- now available for purchase!

This wonderful book is designed to assist adults who are working with children who are in grief. It was a marvelous project to be a part of! 


Already a big lifelong fan of elephants, the research to do the illustrations was quite fun. No question my efforts on this book are in memory of Rose. The greatest Elephant lover in my life and the person who helped me move through grief when I was a child.  


I have worked with the author, Patricia Campbell for many years in her role as a hospice chaplain. Her level of compassion and understanding are evident in all she does, and really come thru loud and clear in Sometimes It Takes An Elephant.  

The book can be purchased thru Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and directly they Archway Publishing. Ordering information can be found on the images attached here! 


FEATURED - WiseWomanMentor

Imagine my surprise! first email in the morning load was to let me know I will be the featured artist on Susun Weed’s webpage!

I have been a major fan of her books and writing for years. Her book Menopausal Years made it possible for my sister and I to help our mom through her menopausal symptoms WITHOUT resorting to HRT. She was living out on Long Island in NY at the time and it was what all the ladies were doing. Later on, we learned about the connection of breast cancer to HRT. Soooo glad, she skipped it and just worked with the approaches in the book.

Quite excited to be featured on her page!

Here is the link!!

photo 4 (2).JPG

October 5 - #Inktober


 #inktober #inktober2018 #chicken#leapandthenetwillappear #trust #colleenkoziara #pigmamicron #mysticalwillow #penandink #penandinkdrawing #artistsoninstagram #artistsofinstagram #blickartmaterials #blick_schaumburg @blick_schaumburg @blickartmaterials. #pigmabrush #pigmabrushpen #pigma October 5, 2018. Bad day, long day, asleep before I posted yesterday. Sometimes if you’re too chicken to eat it’s because the past falls have left you very injured. No pencil sketch, no plan, totally based on feeling from the day. Tomorrow is drooling. Stay tuned! 😊 catching up on posting... got very behind! 


October 4, 2018 -Inktober2018 - Spell

 #inktober #inktober2018 #spell #fullmoon #fullmoonritual #spellcasting #witch #magic #seamagic #seapriestess ##colleenkoziara #pigmamicron #mysticalwillow #penandink #penandinkdrawing #artistsoninstagram #artistsofinstagram #blickartmaterials #blick_schaumburg @blick_schaumburg @blickartmaterials. Too many interruptions, no clue how long this took. Did do a quick pencil sketch first. I really like drawing plants/trees and people best. Tomorrow is Chicken, hmmm 🧐! Stay tuned! 😊


October 3, 2018 - Inktober2018 - Turkey

 #inktober #inktober2018 #roasted #roastedturkey #roastedturkeyandvegetables #colleenkoziara #quicksketch #mysticalwillow #penandink #penandinkdrawing #artistsoninstagram #artistsofinstagram #blickartmaterials #blick_schaumburg @blick_schaumburg @blickartmaterials #uniball #uniballsigno Uniball Signo gel grip, my FAVORITE PEN! 8min search to finish today, no underdrawing/sketch. Looking forward to seeing if the month provides improvement. Really like the prompts. Tomorrow is Spell!!! Gonna be a GOOD ONE! Stay tuned! 😊


Oil Painting day progress.

Today’s progress. Just finishing up because, well, wet oil paint and pooped eyeballs. A day of glazing. Really love how the layers and colors blend and flow. Soooo cool! Can’t remember the last time I spent this many hours straight just painting for no reason other than painting. It was magnificent 🎨#visionaryartist #studentartist #learningnewthings #colleenkoziara #mysticalwillow#blickartmaterials #blickart #blick_schaumburg @blick_schaumburg @blickartmaterials #winsorandnewton #oldhollandoilcolours #artistsoninstagram #artistsofinstagram #oilpainting #portraitpainting


Ready, set, ...breathe... Paint!

 My promise to myself for 2018? I would learn to do portraits in oils. I LOVE painting people and have done portraits in pencil, pen & ink, watercolours and acrylics, but not oils. I have never really painted in oils, except for a couple images of flowers here and there. I had bad physical reactions to oils back in art school and with no well-ventilated secureable work area (cats!), and limited time, I have just avoided them since.

I also have no experience with the mediums or the techniques more recent than 1985, basically, none! Lol

So, earlier this year, I assembled some oil paints and a couple canvases and had a couple quick experiments thanks to friends who were willing to photo themselves or share old photos with me.

i learned I had ALOT to learn, but I also learned that I LOVED IT!!! The blending, the feeling of the paint, the smells (now manageable due to changes made in ingredients) and I couldn’t wait to get started.

My wonderful son came home on a break and took me supply shopping for Mother’s Day for paints and brushes. I found artist videos online and have watched dozens of hours of instructions on everything from mediums and their uses to preparing the canvas, etc., etc., etc.. (please hear that last part in the voice of Ule Brenner in the King and I!) I found two pictures I love, one of a child, one of a senior, my materials are assembled and my drawings/photos and canvases are prepared, my palette is created (I now know why Old Holland paints have such a fabulous reputation and are so much more expensive!!! WOW! Thank you my son for those couple!) and I have my schedule cleared through tomorrow at 10am.

deep breathe... let’s paint! 🎨


October 2, 2018

 #inktober #inktober2018 #poisonous#cauldron #cauldronofchanges #cauldronoftransformation #cerridwenscauldron #door #transformation#colleenkoziara #mysticalwillow #penandink #penandinkdrawing #artistsoninstagram #artistsofinstagram #blickartmaterials #blick_schaumburg @blick_schaumburg @blickartmaterials Colored ballpoint pen, and a fingertip swipe of yellow paint! One hour time limit, no underdrawing/sketch. Looking forward to seeing if the month provides improvement. Really like the prompts. Tomorrow is Roasted. Stay tuned! 😊


Inktober Challenge

October 1, 2018.  #inktober #inktober2018 #poisonous#deadlynightshade #colleenkoziara #mysticalwillow #penandink #penandinkdrawing #artistsoninstagram #artistsofinstagram #blickartmaterials #blick_schaumburg @blick_schaumburg @blickartmaterials I can’t remember my last pen and ink! One hour time limit, no underdrawing/sketch. Looking forward to seeing in the month provides improvement. Really like the prompts. Tomorrow is Tranquil. Stay tuned! 😊


May Day is here!

As I walked out one May morning,

T'was on the blooming heather

I saw a Maiden dancing there,

In fair and sunny weather

The Beltane fires were burning high,

The dancers round did spin

They sang "Blessed Be! And Blessed Be!

And Blessed Be again!"

Blessed Beltaine and a Happy May Day to all. 🌸❤️🌸

The Magical Way

The Magical Way

Somewhere along this magical pathway lies all that you seek in life. Everything you have ever dreamed or hoped for, you will find along this way. Every hope, every desire. But not a one will be sitting there along the side of the road. There will be no handouts or stores, and not a one will come from without. This is your journey, your magnificent way, and you carry all you truly desire within. Magical pathways are only provided to give you the time you need, to unpack your gifts and your blessings and allow you to see them.   

So, whaddya say? Is this year maybe a good time to do some unpacking? ❤️


Good morning,  As many of you know I own/operate two businesses.  This one, as a freelance artist, book illustrator, logo designer, tattoo artist, body/face painter and muralist since way back in 1991.  And Beyond Bingo, thru which I do my work with Seniors as a Senior Wellness Programming Consultant Specialist, since September of 2013.  It is no question that these two businesses have come to work well together.  Their combined needs feed all aspects of my interests and needed creative outlets most admirably. 

Today's Sale is the ultimate expression of that connection.  This album consists of all the sample paintings I have created for my specialized painting sessions with seniors and specifically with seniors who are challenged with Alzheimer's Disease and other Related Dementias (ADRD) for the last 3 years, and a few additional pieces as well that I have done for my private events and my Recreating the Masters Courses, and they are all FOR SALE. 

In 2016,  I completed my training as a Certified Dementia Care Practitioner and expanded my work with Seniors into Kansas, Minnesota, and on to the East Coast. 

These is an additional level of training I am seeking - Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer.  This would allow me to do training onsite for my client's staff on ways to best and most successfully interact with their seniors, and with this certification I would be able to get my training sessions approved for CEUs, which is a very important final step. 

I have submitted all my credentials to the governing board and been approved to take this training and complete this Trainer Certification at the next session in my area in mid May!

The training costs $2,800 dollars.  Hence, the Art Sale!!!  I need to raise the dollars needed for this training, and I need to do so by May 9. 

 There are currently 91 paintings in this album and I will be adding a few more in the next few days.  Shipping is approximately $7 per painting.  With a few exceptions, they are priced at $40 each, plus shipping.  The exceptions will be noted.    

Please feel free to share this link far and wide.  Thank you for shopping and sharing and if you are so inclined, purchasing!!! 

You can find all art pieces currently on display at the following location:

Art Sundays

I am excited to announce, it is now a monthly occurrence!!!

How would you like to join us for a lovely Sunday afternoon of painting?

A different masterwork each month. Discussion of the artist, their style and our experience of recreating their works. The opportunity to mimic a favorite artist, or...make a favorite painting your own thru your own personal expression.

Hope you can join us 😊 as we create not only Art, but a community of Artists. 

for details and to register:


Picasso's Repose will be our Masterwork for February

Merry Yule

The Solstice is here. The light returns. The Earth and Sun are Reborn and reawakened from their longest night. Did you rest well? What dreams do you bring forward into the Light to be manifest? 

Health is my goal this year. Good Health, Peace, Calm and Joy. Opening my heart and mind and body to Balance, and Hopefully through manifesting my own Calm Balance and Healthful ways, encouraging the same behavior around me. 

May we all Enter the Light together. May attitudes of Darkness and Ignorance be overcome. May violence and hatred by undone. May Kindness and Hope prevail. 

Even the Longest Night comes to an end and is overcome by the Light of the Newborn Sun. In this same way shall All darkness pass.  

No Matter the Faith, All Share the Hope

No Matter the Faith, All Share the Hope

2016 Year End Art Sale

Its that time again. Time to make space for new inspiration and new art to arrive. Prints of old favorites, some of my most beloved originals and pieces that have never been posted anywhere before. Its all there. 

Those pieces avail for purchase are listed in a FB album. Here is the link.

please contact me with any questions regarding dimensions, medium, prices and shipping. 

Shop Local Artists and Artisans in 2016. 


Samhain Visioning

Close your eyes. Release your mind. Journey back thru all the ages and find, the image that speaks to you of the Ancients, your Ancestors and this time of Remembering. 

Samhain Vision - Acrylic on Canvas 11x14

Samhain Vision

Samhain Vision

Come and Paint the Spirit of Halloween! No matter how you see it!

Join Artist Colleen Koziara for a whole new approach to wine & art parties!

An Intuitive and Visionary Art Experience into the Season of Death and Rebirth

Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead, Samhain, This collection of holidays and days of remembrance are the longest continually celebrated holidays in the history of humanity, and have transformed over time from their initial purpose as the ending of the agricultural year, through their place as an honoring of the ancestors, and on to Devils Night, Trick-or-Treating and Costume parties. From Ancestors, Spirits and Ancient Stone altars to Ghosts and Zombies, fires and terror, all these things speak to us of our final connection and transformation from living to dead, from body to skeleton, from birth through death and on to rebirth in whatever form we may imagine. 

By providing basic instruction and guidance in use of materials and structure of the piece you will have the chance to explore your own vision of the Spirits of the Season and manifest that vision in Paint. Yes, everyone can do this!!! You will amaze yourself!

We will be working in acrylics, on canvas. All materials will be provided. All visions of the Season Welcome. 
BYOBS (beverages and snacks!)
Preregistration Required   $45/$55