NOLa tomorrow!!!

So, another night of trying to get all the IT portions of my artistic life to sync up and play nice.  Its better than it was earlier today, but still having issues.  AND the quantity of work required tonight to be ready to fly off to New Orleans tomorrow for the next 6 days is pretty big.  So.... I will do my best, take my external harddrive along with me, make uploads during the week and hope for the best.  The "likes" on the Facebook page are now at 70+, which is pretty wonderful.  The projects in process are almost all ready to be mailed or emailed.  Wednesday is my birthday, and the Full Moon and the Lunar Eclipse and a night in NOLa and, well who knows what else it might be.  Looking forward to learning a TON about new possibilities for my seniors!  and..... blues music and seeing the artists all along the fence in Jackson Square. Lovely walks near the river and beignets in the morning for breakfast;  gumbo and oysters and a perfect NOLa bloody mary, as well as an occasional wander through a couple lovely voodoun shops, and maybe a bit of time hearing/speaking to the spirits in my old Quarter hotel, renowned for its hauntedness.  But now, back to IT angst and work lists and packing and all that is required "here" so that "there" can happily happen on the morrow. Night all.