and if you follow your heart...then what?

Off and running, life dramatically reorganized! no more timeclocked office life. New business begun, BeyondBingo, which is taking off faster than I could have imagined and keeping me busy, but which has also opened up time and space for my art to blossom and grow as well.  Lots of time now at the art table that used to be spent commuting or trying to make the energy transition from office to creativity.  Tattoo designs coming to completion, art projects getting the attention they deserve, new requests coming in.  Time now available to make items for sales and there is the added motivation of hoping to increase cash flow thru these activities as well.  Artwork getting uploaded and prepped for posting that is 1-2 years behind in this process, now done.  This is the first effort at uploading a blog from my website to my art facebook page, fingers crossed, and pressing Save & Publish!