Merry Yule

The Solstice is here. The light returns. The Earth and Sun are Reborn and reawakened from their longest night. Did you rest well? What dreams do you bring forward into the Light to be manifest? 

Health is my goal this year. Good Health, Peace, Calm and Joy. Opening my heart and mind and body to Balance, and Hopefully through manifesting my own Calm Balance and Healthful ways, encouraging the same behavior around me. 

May we all Enter the Light together. May attitudes of Darkness and Ignorance be overcome. May violence and hatred by undone. May Kindness and Hope prevail. 

Even the Longest Night comes to an end and is overcome by the Light of the Newborn Sun. In this same way shall All darkness pass.  

No Matter the Faith, All Share the Hope

No Matter the Faith, All Share the Hope