A walk down memory lane...

Have spent this week and part of last week doing a research project for a client that requires TONS of on computer time (after 10 hours straight I am currently bug-eyed and numb-butted!)... anyway, this afternoon as I was poking around I came upon these gems. See, while I wanted to be Bob Ross as I was growing up, and figured maybe I could be, the thing I REALLY wanted to do was be an artist for Disney. But not a character artist. I wanted to do backgrounds. Their backgrounds were always the best, but the forests in Sleeping Beauty were the final kicker for me! Man they were just magnificent! Computers are wonderful, but something magical was lost when we turned away, in favor of 3D computer generated art, from all the amazing paint and brush creations of those masters of 2D animation.

not only did I find these images today, but also this wonderful DIsney documentary on the painting of a tree, by four different artists, and the unique vision they each brought to the experience.