What if the question was Art? Ritual? Play?  Is there one answer to each of these? Is there one answer that fits all?


Spring Spring Spring  and so, in naming this piece I used languages from the three nations that have had a profound effect on me in the last few years.  Ireland, Wales and Estonia

And in the languages of those peoples, Errach-Gaeilge, Gwanwyn-Welsh, Kevad-Estonian, named this latest piece,  Spring~Spring~Spring. 

Please, come see the piece in person during the Next Show at Life Force Arts in Chicago, IL.  The show opens during the first week of May and holds the title that inspired this piece: Art, Ritual and Play.

Special thanks go out to some very dear friends who over the years have gifted me with many of the items on this piece.  Joan, Joey, Marla, Charmaine and Rich.  It could not have existed without your contributions.  Thank you.