Art Art Art

It has been a very busy Spring. My Senior Programming & Consulting business is growing steadily and going smashingly well.  The Art part of my life is filled to overflowing and life in general is just pretty wonderful.  I am looking forward to gardening time and hangout time at home this weekend as well as time for some more painting and some research work on the computer.   I am satisfied that the manner in which I have organized my life, or better stated, the manner in which my life has organized me, includes some kind of painting or creating each and every day.  There is much to be said for regular payroll checks, great insurance, 401k and all that.  But, the peace, calm, freedom and sense of wholeness that has come with setting my own schedule and filling my life with art, has been truly indescribable.  I have no doubt that this carried me through a very painful personal time at the end of 2014.  This morning, rainy and chilly and a perfect day to be inside creating, I finished two small paintings and had an opportunity to upload a few more that I had missed in recent months.  I hope you enjoy!