Ready, set, ...breathe... Paint!

 My promise to myself for 2018? I would learn to do portraits in oils. I LOVE painting people and have done portraits in pencil, pen & ink, watercolours and acrylics, but not oils. I have never really painted in oils, except for a couple images of flowers here and there. I had bad physical reactions to oils back in art school and with no well-ventilated secureable work area (cats!), and limited time, I have just avoided them since.

I also have no experience with the mediums or the techniques more recent than 1985, basically, none! Lol

So, earlier this year, I assembled some oil paints and a couple canvases and had a couple quick experiments thanks to friends who were willing to photo themselves or share old photos with me.

i learned I had ALOT to learn, but I also learned that I LOVED IT!!! The blending, the feeling of the paint, the smells (now manageable due to changes made in ingredients) and I couldn’t wait to get started.

My wonderful son came home on a break and took me supply shopping for Mother’s Day for paints and brushes. I found artist videos online and have watched dozens of hours of instructions on everything from mediums and their uses to preparing the canvas, etc., etc., etc.. (please hear that last part in the voice of Ule Brenner in the King and I!) I found two pictures I love, one of a child, one of a senior, my materials are assembled and my drawings/photos and canvases are prepared, my palette is created (I now know why Old Holland paints have such a fabulous reputation and are so much more expensive!!! WOW! Thank you my son for those couple!) and I have my schedule cleared through tomorrow at 10am.

deep breathe... let’s paint! 🎨