2018 - here we go! WOW! 2017 was Amazing!

2017 year in review.  I taught 600+ classes.  Drove an average of 22-2500 miles per MONTH! and managed to continue growing my business despite the resulting lack of sleep from the schedule listed just previously!  

I also managed to take my usual summer camping trip to southern illinois and several long weekends up to Circle Sanctuary in Wisconsin.  Additionally, there was a 10 day working vacation to the Island!, we spent 4 days in Florida for a dear friends wedding, I made a good number of business trips to the east coast for a brand new multi-site client and while there got to see Colonial Williamsburg, Assateague, and Ocean City. I spent a week wandering Wyoming and South Dakota with my teacher, and saw my son's premiere performance mainstage at the MET with one of my best friends!  

Additionally, I completed my certification as a Nationally Certified Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Trainer (NCADDCT) in December.  Something I had been working towards for some time.  

It was an amazing year! 

Richard had a number of serious health scares and some pretty scary procedures, but he came through them in stellar fashion and created some pretty magnificent artwork of his own.  

Kalev turned 9 (he still acts like he is about 3), and Moonie turned 19 and took full ownership of her current nickname, The Fossil.  

My son managed to come home for a number of visits, some for just a couple days others longer, my mom and sister came down for a week and our Winter Solstice holidays and celebrations were the most joyful, peaceful and relaxing of any in my memory.  

I learned this year the value of a slow and conscious Year in Review period, where all that passed before and all that you wish for the new year is taken into account and cleared and set to order in your mind. So much of our lives (mine at least) are lived at high speed and are a rush of experiences and images and feelings that sometimes end up lost in the mix/cleanup and preparation for the next undertaking.  Its a shame really, because much of what should be cherished ends up instead, forgotten.  

So, this year, I spent the last 2 weeks of 2017 and the first two weeks of 2018 setting one year to bed and waking up the next.  I did this consciously and with intention.  I collected 100+ pictures from my google photo folder to represent last year and then spent time looking at them and remembering the times and people and experiences they captured.  I found myself amazed at all the joy and fun and accomplishment my year held and having reached this happy contented place, I found it very easy to sit and consider what I would like to give my energies to in this new year.  

One of my goals for 2018 was to be more conscientious about updating this blog!!!  LOL  So, here I am.  I am shooting for 2 postings a month beginning March 1.  One of my other goals for 2018 is to teach myself how to do Portraits in Oils.  I have drawn portraits for many years, but never done them in oils.  My first attempt turned out pretty well, and the smoothness and fragrance of the paints and the way they flow together so that brushstrokes can be made to disappear...well, I am most definitely hooked!  

The Ancient.... it strikes me as funny how much of our greatest wisdoms come from our plain old everyday experiences, and not from the BIG PLANNED IMPORTANT stuff we think we need to get Wise.  

The Ancient.jpg