Spring? LOL But even if the weather doesn’t know it, change is coming.

Mid April and we have snow forecasted for tonight. I have scheduled much extra time for myself and my art this year.  I have finished one book’s illustrations and I am days away from the second book completion.  Awaiting me is a time for my art table and studio to begin again to be a place of the creation of art for art sake for a bit.  Also, there is Spring Cleaning to do.  Usually it is so simple, but this year, it seems that my mind is cleaning more deeply than usual.  I am really looking forward to the impending time for cleaning and clearing of schedules and spaces and life.  Everything feels/has felt like it is in flux for the past couple of months.  Yes, Yes, I know all about the planets and mercury retrograde and the wild astrology of this year that is resetting all our lives from 3D to 5D, and maybe that is what is causing all this, but maybe not. If you could do anything with your life, what would it be? If you could pursue anything as your livelihood, what would it be? Do you believe that you can “be” anything you want? Do you believe that if you leap the net will appear? If you had a list of all of your responsibilities and duties and projects, and could keep or toss them as you choose, which would you keep?  Which would you toss? If you could go through your house with a fine toothed comb and only keep those important bits with significance and importance, what would they be?

Last month we had our first of six sessions in the painting series Mitakuye Oyasin at Life Force Arts.  We began with the Stone Nation, this is the image that accompanies this blog.  This Sunday we will be doing the Plant Nation.    From the steadfast endurance of the Stone Nation we move now to the everchanging, flowing, growing of the Plant Nation.  It seems appropriate.  The year has been changing in stride with this series and I am enjoying watching the transformation take place.  Last year, actually all the time since I decided to open my own business has been about the steadfast stick-to-it nature of a person who is committed to pressing on and pushing through, no matter what so that a dream can become real. The very embodiment and endurane of the Stone People themselves.  A toughness and endurance that has been required of me since birth.  But now, just like Spring and Plants, it is time to soften and green up,  it is time to be more fluid and more tender and become something new and flowing and green.  It is time, finally, to let down some of the guards and allow some gentleness to take over and see what might grow in this new more open and gentle ground.