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SOMETIMES IT TAKES AN ELEPHANT- now available for purchase!

This wonderful book is designed to assist adults who are working with children who are in grief. It was a marvelous project to be a part of! 


Already a big lifelong fan of elephants, the research to do the illustrations was quite fun. No question my efforts on this book are in memory of Rose. The greatest Elephant lover in my life and the person who helped me move through grief when I was a child.  


I have worked with the author, Patricia Campbell for many years in her role as a hospice chaplain. Her level of compassion and understanding are evident in all she does, and really come thru loud and clear in Sometimes It Takes An Elephant.  

The book can be purchased thru Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and directly they Archway Publishing. Ordering information can be found on the images attached here! 


New Projects!

A new book project is in the works!!! I partnered today with the writers of a Wonderful new book! 

Written by a Hospice Chaplain with 30yrs experience in family counseling, this book will be a manual for professionals and parents, to use as they work with children and young people experiencing grief. To support those adults in helping the young ones to find their words, express their feelings and allow themselves to be supported thru their grief. The book features a lovely young elephant as its main character. I am very excited about illustrating this book for many reasons, not the least of which being that I am and have always been, an elephant lover!! She first talked to me about this idea over a year ago!! 

The Reset continues it seems. A month of life change, and health resets in a search for Balance, followed by September, a month that I intentionally scheduled slow and short in program billings. A month with down time, time off, time for art, time for sleep and home and most of all, time to put effort towards choosing my own direction as opposed to just scampering along, keeping up with all the wonderful opportunities that continue to present themselves!! My monetary shortfall for September got covered + with today's illustration agreement!!

I have been blessed 1000x over by a stream of neverending opportunities, and possible journeys, that the universe has for years, dropped in my lap.  More importantly, I have also been gifted by that same universe with the necessary stamina, intellect, creativity and unwillingness to say "die!" that has made it possible for me to take advantage of so many of those opportunities!!! And they have absolutely Rocked!!! (Despite the exhaustion and bruises and permanent scarring they have occasionally caused!!) 

But there is also a downside that must be acknowledged in this neverending stream of adventures. If a person is ALWAYS setting out to conquer the next peak, learn the next lesson, or find the next Best thing (or the next adrenaline rush, or the next brainstorming session because they are not fans of the daily followthrough phase, or the next partner, get it I'm sure, insert here your own preferred escape disguised as an amazing opportunity)...then they are likely missing the opportunity to sit and be still, focus and experience the daily challenge and sense of accomplishment that comes from putting everything you've got into the one thing that makes your heart sing louder than everything else combined. And maybe, just maybe, taking an opportunity all the way not just from start to finish, but instead from imaginings to magnificence. 

For as long as I can remember, back at least to age two, I have wanted to be simply an Artist. I did not ever define that anymore specifically than that (artist ya know, like to keep those doors open!), just simply an Artist with a capital A. Illustrating, and writing and illustrating, more children's books is on my bucket list. Collecting and bringing forth in word and image, the stories of our Elders is next in line. Beginning the journey to the manifestation of this lifelong dream with a book teaching our older, how to help our younger to survive through grief by acknowledging their pain and accepting support and love from the world around them to do so, seems like a most auspicious beginning. 

My horoscope (still havent decided if I believe those things or not), said to move most quietly thru this week beginning on Tuesday, and on Friday something begun in the past would return again.  

Tuesday I added a good measure of silence and retreat to my life by stepping back from FB. Today the past came forward. (So they got me believing this week!!! lol) 

Blessings of the Harvest Moon, and the coming beauty of Autumn, the fullness of the Harvest, Equinox Balance, and most importantly, Blessings of Wisdom to know the difference between opportunity and escape when the universe again presents the choice. 


A perfect pic reference for our main character!! 

A perfect pic reference for our main character!!