SOMETIMES IT TAKES AN ELEPHANT- now available for purchase!

This wonderful book is designed to assist adults who are working with children who are in grief. It was a marvelous project to be a part of! 


Already a big lifelong fan of elephants, the research to do the illustrations was quite fun. No question my efforts on this book are in memory of Rose. The greatest Elephant lover in my life and the person who helped me move through grief when I was a child.  


I have worked with the author, Patricia Campbell for many years in her role as a hospice chaplain. Her level of compassion and understanding are evident in all she does, and really come thru loud and clear in Sometimes It Takes An Elephant.  

The book can be purchased thru Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and directly they Archway Publishing. Ordering information can be found on the images attached here! 


FEATURED - WiseWomanMentor

Imagine my surprise! first email in the morning load was to let me know I will be the featured artist on Susun Weed’s webpage!

I have been a major fan of her books and writing for years. Her book Menopausal Years made it possible for my sister and I to help our mom through her menopausal symptoms WITHOUT resorting to HRT. She was living out on Long Island in NY at the time and it was what all the ladies were doing. Later on, we learned about the connection of breast cancer to HRT. Soooo glad, she skipped it and just worked with the approaches in the book.

Quite excited to be featured on her page!

Here is the link!!

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Art Sundays

I am excited to announce, it is now a monthly occurrence!!!

How would you like to join us for a lovely Sunday afternoon of painting?

A different masterwork each month. Discussion of the artist, their style and our experience of recreating their works. The opportunity to mimic a favorite artist, or...make a favorite painting your own thru your own personal expression.

Hope you can join us 😊 as we create not only Art, but a community of Artists. 

for details and to register:


Picasso's Repose will be our Masterwork for February